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iOS and Android Parental App Reviews

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We are a team of talented and techy writers, unindifferent and careful parents, elder brothers and sisters, who have dedicated their lives to kids’ safety and security. In search for reliable child protection software, we review most in demand applications among available ones to provide our followers with reasonable, impartial and cogent opinion on monitoring software operation.
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Why to use monitoring software:

When deciding to track or not to track your kids, note that parental control apps can really help protect your loved ones. However, it is at the same time important to find an appropriate app for that. Here are some major monitoring software functions to consider:

Monitor incoming and outbound calls Monitor web browsers
and bookmarks
View contacts and communication lists
View sent and received
text messages
Control applications downloaded Monitor social media
activity (Facebook)
Keep track of location
and route history
View video and
audio files
View scheduled plans
via the calendar
Follow inbox and
outgoing emails
Follow pics and photos
shot or downloaded
Follow IM chats:
Skype, Viber, WhatsApp


Why we make parental control software reviews

Nowadays, children tend to spend more and more time online or simply with smartphones in hands. With growing Internet engagement, a risk of danger coming from the web increases exponentially. That's why more and more parents start using kid tracking applications. However, not all of them, not to say a few, are reliable and proved to be real help in parenting. Thus, it is important to provide reasonable cell phone monitoring software reviews, so as to let parents make the right choice, not to waste time and money.

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TxtWatcher Cell Phone Tracking App Review

Android/iOS TxtWatcher is a parental control mobile phone application. With its help parents can monitor their kids’ text messages sent and received. The purpose of the software is to allow parents take care of their kids remotely and prevent them from being involved in sexting, bad-words usage and other texting-related troubles. In the following review we will have a look at TxtWatcher app, talk about its features, price ranges and compatibility with mobile devices. Features TxtWatcher provides the following text tracking features: Monitor Follow all incoming (received) and outgoing (sent) text messages silently. Record Receive and view all text messages in your personal account. Translate Easily translate unknown words and phrases that children use while texting. Alert Receive alerts to find out, once inappropriate content appears in your kid’s text messages. Review View all the messages and attached images via your personal account or mobile app easily.   Prices TxtWatcher is free of charge. To use the software, one should sign in and register an account. There is a possibility to try the app without having an account by using a trial version....

Mamabear Tracking App Review

iOs/Android Mamabear is a parental control app, which allows easy tracking of children remotely on Android and iOS devices. The app was designed to communicate, locate, protect and organize children. Mamabear is available on iTunes and Google Play. Below is Mamabear review with price range, features and devices compatible with the app. Features Mamabear provides the following features for childcare monitoring: GPS location Using Mamabear, you can see your child GPS location, get alerting messages when he/she leaves or arrives to places like home, school. Social Media Monitoring The app allows you to track child’s social media activity remotely. Get all updates on all comments, posts and photos uploaded. Be notified with signs of bullying or inappropriate language and whenever the child is tagged in a certain photo, comment or location. Alerts when speeding The app sends alert messages when the child is going over the preselected speed limit. One click feature Mamabear provides three main one click features: call a parent, sending the child’s location and requesting help.   Prices Mamabear has set of prices for a year subscriptions. The prices vary...

Fumano Cell Phone Monitoring App Review

Android Fumano is a parental control application, which allows parents to take care of their children remotely. By using the software, you will be able to monitor cell phone usage and set Internet access restrictions remotely. In this review, we will consider features that Fumano provides, price ranges set and compatibility of the app with devices and operating systems. Features Fumano parental control provides the following functions: Internet Filtering The application allows parents to block web sources containing 18+ content and put them on the block-list to prevent further access. Fumano also lets you create whitelists to set access to some particular websites only. Device Monitoring By using Fumano, you will be able to follow your kid’s cell phone usage, including call logs, SMS, contacts and location. Application Control Monitor each application downloaded on your child’s device. School-Time Setup This option automatically puts your kid’s device in the silent mode depending on time settings.   Prices Fumano costs $19.99 for a lifetime. You don’t have to buy any subscriptions or pay any other fees. The software protects the device as long as you...

Curbi Parental Control App Review

iOS Curbi is an application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which allows parents to monitor their children’s online activity. By setting web rules and restrictions, you can control for how much time and when your kids go to the Internet, and prevent them for visiting inappropriate websites. In the following Curbi review, let’s have a closer look at parental control from Curbi, and try to evaluate reasonability of the app by taking into account its features, prices and compatibility. Features Curbi will provide you with the following parental control options: Remote Control The app allows you to manage all target devices from your personal iPhone or iPad. Time Limits Curbi will let you set time restrictions to prevent your kids from accessing the Internet at school time, when they do homework or go to bed. Feature Restrictions By using the parental controls you can block particular features of your kid’s device like Camera, iTunes, App Store etc. Content Blocking By using Curbi, you will be able to block some categories of content to prevent your children from visiting inappropriate and 18+ websites....

NetNanny Cell Phone Tracking App Review

NetNanny is a childcare tracking app, which enables parents to secure kids online by setting time restrictions and limiting access to sources with inappropriate content. In such a way, you can let your children enjoy advantages the Internet provides, and at the same time prevent them from dangers it includes. In the following review, we will have a look at NetNanny’s features, consider price ranges, mobile phones and operating systems the software is supported by. Features NetNanny provides the following functions for children web security: Internet Filter The app allows you to set Internet browsing limits. With its help, you can easily ban 18+ content, warn about it or allow viewing. Block Pornography NetNanny lets you block porn sites and other sources containing content inappropriate for the underage. Time Management Using the parental controls, you can set time frames, when you child is allowed to be online, or the total amount of hours spent on the web. Mask Profanity This feature prevents your child from reading bad language words, while browsing through the Internet, reading comments etc. Social Media Monitoring NetNanny enables you...

Pumpic Parental Monitoring App Review

Pumpic is a new and reasonably improved parental control mobile application that lets parents take care of their children remotely. The app includes an extensive range of monitoring features, which on the one hand, provide all-round protection, and on the other one, make Pumpic stand out from other parental control software. Pumpic is absolutely legal. In the iOS solution, the monitoring is made via the iCloud account, linked to the target device. As a result, the app is not installed and hence, it’s not visible. In turn, the Android version of the app is visible on the screen of the device. However, to enter Pumpic settings menu and change them, the password is needed. Thus, your kid will not be able to switch off monitoring without your permission. In this brief review, we’ll have a look at options that Pumpic provides, explore its prices, as well as devices and operating systems the app is compatible with. Features The complexity of provided features is among the main advantages of the app. Pumpic lets you to not only control you children’s online activity but also...