Abeona – Parental Control Review

Abeona – Parental Control Review


Named after Greek goddess of journey, Abeona guides and protects children on their independent online way allowing parents to keep track of the online activities of kids. Despite the fact that this app is lightweight, it is workable and efficient. Parents have to install the app on their device and then to the devices of their children. After that the Control Panel of the parental app will provide all essential information about activities of the targeted device.

Features of the app

  • Activity time. The app gathers information how long kid used the device for the past three days together with separate information concerning each application used in this period
  • Remote managing of apps. Parents are able to block and unblock apps installed on the targeted device.
  • GPS tracking. It is possible to view the location of all kid’s devices
  • Parents can set certain locations for every child and the app will send notification each time child enters or leaves mentioned location, moreover, it is possible to look through the list of entering and exiting the locations for all kids
  • Web browsing history. Every time the website is accessed by Android Browser or Google Chrome, parents will know about it. However, if your tech-savvy child uses Incognito mode, you will not know about it.
  • Call logs. All calls are listed and parents are able to check them


The app is completely free, no fees required.


This application runs on Android devices and can be found at Google Play.


Without a doubt, this app surprised me. I didn’t expect that free app will work that great – I got much more than I expect. Geofencing feature is especially useful.


I installed Abeona on my daughter’s device to be able to control her constant playing games – the app works as it should, no complaints here.

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  1. God, I feel like I shloud be takin notes! Great work

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