Android phone samsung i5800 reviews

Android phone samsung i5800 reviews


Samsung i5800 series is a budget choice of Galaxy S quality, created especially for those who want to get a good balance of price and quality and use Android OS possibilities.

Samsung Galaxy 3 has changed the design in comparison with prototype, as there is only one Home button now and all other buttons, usually used in Android phones are replaced by touch screen buttons. As a result, the cost of the device became much lower.

It is very convenient as the surface of the device is not slippery. The screen is not AMOLED, it is TFT LCD and that reduced the cost also. The resolution of the screen is poor (240×400 pixels) so the images and icons are pixelized greatly. The next and only button sidewise is a volume rocker.

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  1. Once again Samsung has given their douchey oionpins. I don’t like the iPhone 5, so don’t give me hell. But Samsung has to be the most childish brand I have ever seen. Oh lets make people seem like utter life failures just because they don’t buy our fucking phone. Lets show off pointless features like touching phones, that if you really want, IPHONE HAS ANYWAY! (Bump). Its just so fucking annoying. Please, Samsung, grow up. And maybe instead of making the fastest parts, make QUALITY BUILT parts.

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