Well-Rounded iPhone X Review

Well-Rounded iPhone X Review

The iPhone X is the newest flagship of Apple smartphones and many people around the world are craving to get their hands on it. The main question that most users have is in the efficiency of Face ID as a way of unlocking the phone.

In general, the advantages of the phone are:

  • Unbelievable screen
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Great Portrait Lighting

Disadvantages are:

  • Face ID can glitch
  • Exorbitant price

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So what are the changes that iPhone X brings?

New iPhone is a combination of new trends in technology and design that will definitely attract millions of users around the world and still be trendy within a couple of years. However, not all iPhone owners hurry up to upgrade their devices because the prices are sky-rocketing: they start from $999 for the basic model.

The date of release is November 3rd, but the pre-orders are already available. However, there are rumors that the most part of the users will get their iPhones no earlier than in 2018 because of the delays.

New Screen

New iPhone X looks nothing like any other iPhone because of the screen as there are almost no bezels: now it looks more than Samsung Galaxy S8 rather than iPhone 7.

The brightness, the quality of images – everything is top-notch. Super Retina HD display with 2436 x 1125 resolution has also improved the level of user experience. Better screen is an answer to the question of the quality of the app representation and web browsing that looks much better on sharper screens. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was claimed to have the best screen on the market and iPhone X now become the equal rival to this device as here the same technology is used.

Because of the changes in the design users of Apple smartphone will have to change their habits as there is no home button.

The “lip” question

The necessity of the bezel on the top of the “all-screen” display is obvious: the True Depth camera is used there because of Face ID. It is said that this part won’t hurt the user experience with apps that take an advantage of full screens.

The screen has seemingly 18:9, and as movies are viewed in 16:9 format, the “lip” won’t hamper the view, as the format will have edges on both sides.

Overall, yes, the lip does not improve the view of the phone, however, it is needed.

Face ID

Unlike many face IDs that we’ve seen previously, Apple’s Face ID cannot be fooled with the picture of a user in front of the camera, as here the user will have to scan face from different angles. Still, demos of this security option were worrying as the first one actually failed and the user had to turn the display on and off again and again to be able to activate the system. Maybe, till the release they will be able to fix that.

Improved design

The device is light and pleasant to the palm, almost all interactions with the screen of that size are comfortable, however, there are gestures that require two arms to be completed, so the gadget deserves the title “phablet” instead of simple phone.

New iOS

New phone is released with new version of iOS 11. It is more user-friendly and is said to fix major bugs of previous version of the system.

New cameras

Cameras of the new devices are upgraded to get the best possible results in taking photos: improved telephoto lens, better focus and low-light shots. Back camera is bolted horizontally as the landscape position to encourage users to hold the device horizontally when taking photos and improve the quality of photos and video thanks to the depth sensing. The cameras showed themselves especially good in the apps with augmented reality.

Wireless charging

From now on Apple users can charge their iPhones in a wireless way. The function is not new, however, it became popular quite recently with the new Samsung devices that has two ways of wireless charging and Apple has only one – Qi. Apple is preparing to release Apple AirPower – new pad that will charge iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch as well as fast charger, but users will have to buy it separately.

In general, the display of the new device is the thing that deserves all praises. Face ID can be named the best security solution – however, in case if it will be optimized. All in all, the device is more than futuristic – so if you want to hold a future in your arms, prepare to pay plump money.

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