Kiddoware Launcher and Parental Controls Suite Review

Kiddoware Launcher and Parental Controls Suite Review


Imagine an environment in your mobile device that contains only useful and harmless apps, videos and sites that will be interesting to your child. That is exactly what Kiddoware app does. This app creates a safe place in the parents’ gadget especially for children, where they can play games, watch videos, listen to music or learn something, but they cannot get access to parents’ content or browse through the Internet without supervision.

This suite is actually a set of tools:

  • Kids Place app launcher. Parents select appropriate apps for children and kids can use only those apps. Downloading of new apps is blocked as well as phone calls and texting.
  • Kid Safe Browser. Children-friendly browser with powerful filters of inappropriate content. One of the great options of this browser is that parents make black or white lists of websites children can visit. Also parents can select certain categories of websites that will be blocked to children.
  • Kids Place Video Player. Even the YouTube is full of great helpful videos suitable for kids. With help of the Launcher parents can specify videos children can watch via the device.
  • Kids Place Store. Here it is possible to find the best apps for kids. Remember that the app blocks all in-app purchases.


Parents can select between two payment plans: free and commercial one. Free version of the app proposes standard set of features while paid subscription will open even more useful features and will make the usage of the device more secured.


The app is developed for Android devices and is available Google Play and Amazon.


This app is exactly the one I was looking for. My son constantly asks me the permission to play games on my smartphone and I was not exactly mad about it, because every time he ended up browsing in the Internet behind my back. Now he has no possibility to do it and I am happy.


As a mother of a toddler I was afraid to give my tablet to daughter because I was afraid that she would manage to change settings of it or something like that. Kiddoware is a perfect solution of this problem, so now I can give the device to her and she plays her favorite games.

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