Mamabear Tracking App Review

Mamabear Tracking App Review



Mamabear is a parental control app, which allows easy tracking of children remotely on Android and iOS devices. The app was designed to communicate, locate, protect and organize children. Mamabear is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Below is Mamabear review with price range, features and devices compatible with the app.


Mamabear provides the following features for childcare monitoring:

GPS location Using Mamabear, you can see your child GPS location, get alerting messages when he/she leaves or arrives to places like home, school.
Social Media Monitoring The app allows you to track child’s social media activity remotely. Get all updates on all comments, posts and photos uploaded. Be notified with signs of bullying or inappropriate language and whenever the child is tagged in a certain photo, comment or location.
Alerts when speeding The app sends alert messages when the child is going over the preselected speed limit.
One click feature Mamabear provides three main one click features: call a parent, sending the child’s location and requesting help.



Mamabear has set of prices for a year subscriptions. The prices vary on the duration of usage (3 months or 6 months).

3 months premium account:

  • No ads
  • Social media monitoring
  • GPS location (current and prior week)
  • Speeding driving alerts
  • Departure/arrival places notifications

6 months premium account:

  • One month free
  • No ads
  • Social medial monitoring
  • Speeding driving alerts
  • Departure/arrival places notifications



Mamabear app is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. Mamabearapp ios app does not require jailbreak as well as no root is required on Android devices. The software is visible for both kids and parents.

Customer Support

Customer support can be reached via contact form on the website or via email:


“I can say I am satisfied with the product but my friends installed another parental control application and they have way more features, but that doesn’t mean that the app is bad.”

Linda K. Panama city Beach FL

“Mamabear app is a nice addition to my child’s iPhone. It’s extremely easy to use. My favorite feature is when you get alerts if the child is speeding. I maybe a bit paranoid with kids driving, so the app helps me big time.”

John O. Oklahoma city, OK

“I have to say that customer support is pretty bad. First of all you have to write an email and wait for 1-4 days for a reply, this is nonsense. I bought it after reading good Mamabear app reviews, but I’m very disappointed with the service.”

Daniel K. Newport beach, CA


  1. The app proposes a feature I’ve never seen before: one click features – requesting help, sending GPS coordinates and call a parent. Sad that this app doesn’t propose call logs and set Geo-fences.

  2. Kids driving is a sore point for me so the notifications concerning speed limits help me to stay calm when my daughter is driving somewhere without me. But the support team here lets slings slide – it took too much time to answer one simple question!

  3. This arclite keeps it real, no doubt.

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