MMGguardian Cell Phone Tracking App Review

MMGguardian Cell Phone Tracking App Review



MMGguardian is parental control software for phones and tablets. With its help, parents can take care of their kids remotely by setting time limits on the Internet usage, blocking apps and websites, viewing call logs and text messages etc. MMGguardian is a security app for children and their parents.

Let’s make a review and have a look at features MMGguardian provides, prices set, as well as devices and operating systems the application is compatible with.


MMGguardian provides the following monitoring features:

Remote Lock & Unlock Lock or unlock the target device from anywhere remotely.
Time Limits Set time limits on the target device usage.
Application Control Monitor applications downloaded and set usage restrictions.
App Usage Reports Receive notifications and reports on application s usage.
Web Filter and Safe Browser Filter content that your child might come across on the web. Monitor websites visited and prevent your kid from inappropriate data.
Web Usage Reports Receive reports on using the Internet including web search requests and websites visited.
Location Update View detailed information on tracked location updates.
Track Keep track of your kids’ real-time GPS location.
Call Block Block callers by phone numbers. Prevent your kids from being reached by strangers.
Detailed Call Reports View reports on incoming and outgoing calls as well as detailed calls data.
Text Monitor Follow all text messages your child sends or receives.
Detailed SMS Reports including message contents Receive reports on sent and received SMS including content of each message.
Safe Driving Make sure that your kids are safe while driving with MMGguardian Safe Driving Mode.
Uninstall Protection and Anti-Tamper The app is protected from being deleted by anyone else but you.
Remote Management and Control from Web Portal Control the target device remotely from your personal control panel on the web portal.
Remote Management and Control from Parent App Control the target device remotely from your personal parental control application.



The price you will pay for using MMGguardian depends on subscription time, the number of devices you are going to monitor and its type (a phone or a tablet). To test the app you can use a 14-day free trial.

For tablets:

  • Monthly Subscription (one device) – $1.99
  • Annual Subscription (one device) – $14.99
  • One Time License (one device) – n/a
  • Monthly Subscription (family plan) – $3.98
  • Annual Subscription (family plan) – $29.98
  • One Time License (family plan) – n/a

For cell phones:

  • Monthly Subscription (one device) – $3.99
  • Annual Subscription (one device) – $34.99
  • One Time License (one device) – $49.99
  • Monthly Subscription (family plan) – $7.99
  • Annual Subscription (family plan) – $69.99
  • One Time License (family plan) – $99.99


MMGguardian works with Android devices exclusively. It is visible and legal. You do not need to root the target device to use all functions provided by the app.

Customer Support

To ask MMGguardian support team a question on the app operation or any other product-related question, one can fill in a form on the official website or email at The answer will be sent within 24 hours.


“I use this app for while and I’m quite satisfied with how it works. It makes me sure that my son and daughter are protected, when I’m away, so I can leave them alone at home without worries.”

John P. (Grand Rapids, Mi) 

“I was really amazed when I installed the app for the first time. However, soon after a few days of using it I seemed to me useless. Most functions work strange and confuse me as a user. I’m not satisfied with for now and gonna change it for something better.”

Monica B. (Cleveland, OH)

“Good app. Not the best one but works fine. I didn’t notice any significant problems with its operation, however descriptions and the information flow on the website could’ve been better. That is the most confusing thing I suppose.”

Margaret O. (Sacramento, LA)


  1. No complaints here. I installed this app on my son’s Blackberry and now I keep track of all his activities. The most frequently used features are Geo-fencing and websites blocking as I want to be sure that my kid is not a truant and that he will see something inappropriate for his age (he is 11). But now we have quarrels about his timetable – to my mind, he uses the phone too much.

  2. We have decided to buy a family plan, though it is rather expensive in comparison with other application. The app has many useful features like anti-theft features and call blocking, however, I couldn’t call it user-friendly as all procedures require lots of time and efforts. And one of the disadvantages of the app is that it is compatible with Android only.

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