Mobile Guardian Monitoring Software Review

Mobile Guardian Monitoring Software Review


Android/ iOS/ Blackberry

Mobile Guardian is monitoring software for parents. Its main task is to protect children and provide parents with ability to set remote controls, and thus prevent kids from dangerous cell phone and Internet usage.

Let’s make a review to see how the application works as well as estimate its features, prices, device compatibility, benefits and weak points.


Mobile Guardian provides users with following tracking options:

Web Content Management Prevent your child from coming across inappropriate content on the web.
Block, manage and monitor apps Monitor installed applications, limit time of use or block the, from running on your kid’s device.
Geofences, location services and maps Define locations on the map and receive notification, as soon as your child leaves it or enters.
Timetable device use Define time when your kids is allowed or not to use their smartphones and tablets.
Block contacts, calls and texts Block strangers or ambiguous people from contacting your children.
Block camera use Block camera to not let your kids make and share inappropriate photos or videos.
Receive alerts Receive alerts and email notifications concerning dangerous activity on your kid’s device.
Lock out thieves Lock your kid’s device, in case it is lost or stolen.
Remote data delete In addition, in case the phone is lost or stolen, you can delete all the data on it remotely.
Address book Monitor your kid’s contact list. Know whom your kid is friends with.
Set VIP contacts Make a list of people, whom your child cam always contact even, when timetable mode is activated (the device is blocked from using).
Block contacts and numbers Block contacts by phone numbers from ability to reach your child.
Block premium numbers Block phone numbers, which can lead expensive costs or access adult content.
Single web dashboard for all devices A multitask dashboard helps you monitor one or several devices from one account.
SIM removal alert Receive notifications, once a SIM-card on your kid’s device is changed or removed.
Password protection The app is protected from being removed by your child or anyone else but you.
Trigger remote security services Remote activation of siren, current location or data wipe via your dashboard.
Disable texting whilst driving Prevent your kids from distracting mobile phone usage while driving.



Mobile Guardian sets one common price for its parental control services. Thus, if you want to use the app for a year, it will cost you $38,95. At the same time, a subscription for a month comes with the price of $3,95.

In addition, a free 7-day trial is available to test the software before purchase.


The application is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods by Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones and tablets as well as Kindle devices.

The software requires neither jailbreaking nor rooting the target device. It is legal and visible.

Customer Support

To contact Mobile Guardian for assistance on the application use, you can open a ticket in help center. Additionally, you can fill in a contact form on the official website, use email ( or make a phone call.


“I didn’t know there were such technologies. When my friends recommended me Mobile Guardian to follow my kids’ cell phones use, I realized that I could go and work without worries. My kids are safe now. I’m not afraid to let them use internet any longer.”

Zak Y. (Uvalde, TX) 

“Good app. It really helps me with my children. It makes our cooperation easier and help me find out, if they do everything appropriately, if they don’t brake our agreements. I can control time when they use cell phones, when they play games, whom they call or SMS.”

Sarah P. (Billings, MT) 

“The app helps me look after my 80 yo mom. I installed it on her cell and now I can be sure she is safe, when I’m away. She knows about the app and appreciates my care. I can track her location and have no worries that she can get lost. I can even help her use her mobile phone remotely.”

Jessica I. (Dothan, AL)


  1. Well, it is not a masterpiece, however, it works effectively. The list of features impresses but it turned out that it doesn’t meet my requirements: we have a large family and you can install it only on one device – it is not really convenient, especially with three kids. Also it is compatible with Android only so my husband couldn’t do it.

  2. Once this app helped me to find kid’s lost smartphone with help of remote activation of serene – luckily for us it was in the backyard so we heard it at once. The app is useful, however, I don’t use some features because I don’t understand how to switch them on and some are unnecessary because my kid has no car.

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