NetNanny Cell Phone Tracking App Review

NetNanny Cell Phone Tracking App Review


NetNanny is a childcare tracking app, which enables parents to secure kids online by setting time restrictions and limiting access to sources with inappropriate content. In such a way, you can let your children enjoy advantages the Internet provides, and at the same time prevent them from dangers it includes.

In the following review, we will have a look at NetNanny’s features, consider price ranges, mobile phones and operating systems the software is supported by.


NetNanny provides the following functions for children web security:

Internet Filter The app allows you to set Internet browsing limits. With its help, you can easily ban 18+ content, warn about it or allow viewing.
Block Pornography NetNanny lets you block porn sites and other sources containing content inappropriate for the underage.
Time Management Using the parental controls, you can set time frames, when you child is allowed to be online, or the total amount of hours spent on the web.
Mask Profanity This feature prevents your child from reading bad language words, while browsing through the Internet, reading comments etc.
Social Media Monitoring NetNanny enables you to follow your kids’ life in social networks, and thus to prevent them from being reached by online predators, cyberbullies and other shady characters from the web.
Alerts and Reporting Using the app, you will systematically receive reports and alerts on your kids’ online activity.
Remote Admin The tacking software lets you control and manipulate your kids’ accounts and devices from anywhere, where online connection is.
User Profiles With NetNanny, you can adjust different access setting for each family member separately.



NetNanny sets prices for a year subscription. The price depends on whether you are going to monitor a personal computer or a mobile gadget, as well as on how many devices you are going to keep track of.

To secure one personal computer will cost you $39.99. Android device security comes with a price range of $12.99. Meanwhile for Apple iOS there currently is a special introductory price of $4.99. However, if you need to monitor more than one device, you can save some money and buy a family subscription.

  • 3 computers – $59.98
  • 10 PC’s or devices – $79.99
  • 15 PC’s or devices – $99.99

Net Nanny app also offers a cheaper option to follow your kids’ social networks. A special Social package will cost you $19.99 with an ability to monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and LinkedIn.


NetNanny parental control app is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X personal computers, as well as Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. Neither root nor jailbreak is required for installation. NetNanny is available on App Store. The software is absolutely legal and visible for both parents and kids.

Customer Support

NetNanny has customer support service to assist its clients. You can contact it via email at or by phone 1-800-485-4008 form Monday to Friday, 8-5 MST. For additional information of frequently asked question, visit support page on


“I’m very glad I find out there is such software. I’ve read many Net Nanny reviews and made the right decision. Now I can let my sons use computer and go online without any worries. Previously, I had to look after them and close spam windows with 18+ ads from time to time. But now I can simply block it all and do my own stuff.”

John M. (Denver, Colorado) 

“I was worried about my daughters spending too much time on Facebook and Instagram. I am not very technical, so I couldn’t follow them appropriately. My husband set up Net Nanny and now we both are happy that out kids won’t find anything bad on the web.”

Melony and Carl L. (Los Angeles, California) 

“I use NetNanny for a while and I’m really satisfied with all it does for me. It’s a great help for parents, who don’t know much about computers, but care about their children and try to prevent them from Internet danger. And net nanny customer service is very helpful, too.”

Amanda O. (Kansas City, Kansas)


  1. I was surprised by the possibility of allowing the access to the 18+ sites – I thought that parental control apps block such websites automatically and as a result I caught my son watching some creepy videos of crimes. And, to my mind, the price of the app is too high. As for the other features, I am totally satisfied with it.

  2. This app meets all my requirements: I can look through the social media of my kids so I am sure that there are no too personal photos and videos and they do not share their personal information. I don’t like the idea of monitoring GPS location of the children, so the absence of this feature doesn’t bother me.

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