Netsanity Parental Control App Review

Netsanity Parental Control App Review


Parents worldwide are concerned about their kids’ protection from possible online and offline perils. For this, they want to keep track of the activities their children have. No wonder that the mobile industry has taken the most of this concern and started to offer various kinds of remote monitoring and management apps for parents. There are GPS-trackers, screen lockers, apps that limit screen time, web content filters and many other apps that can be used by adults to control children’s handheld device usage.

Netsanity, on the contrary to many parental control apps, doesn’t make parents feel like spies when monitoring their kids’ activities. It is an exclusive all-in-one suite that is visible to kids, so it means no harm to your relationships – however, it is advisable to explain your little ones properly why you are going to install this app. Otherwise, they may feel as if under surveillance. And that is the main reason why our tech savvy kids are trying to switch off such apps, by the way. Still, with Netsanity, this approach won’t work – thanks to proprietary cloud-based technology this app is unlikely to be disabled.

Netsanity gives parents total control over all iOS devices at home – sounds amazing, right? Below you will find all essential information about this suite, its compatibility, and the price. So, stop searching for any other reviews of Netsanity and read on.


Get acquainted with the possibilities of the Netsanity suite:

  • Appblocker. With the help of your Control Panel, you will be able to prohibit access to inappropriate apps. Some of them are already listed in the database of the suite, others you can add single-handed. The support team of the app cooperates with parents so together you can distinguish more dangerous apps.
  • Timeblocker. It’s a great time limit feature that allows for controlling the amount of kids’ screen time. Make sleep time and homework time device-free.
  • Gameblocker. Many children tend to forget everything when playing. Netsanity is a salvation as you can switch off any game installed on kid’s Apple device in no time.
  • Filtering of more than 30 categories of content including hate speech and porn. Make child’s iPhone or iPad a secure device for surfing the Internet.
  • Siteblocker. You can add unsuitable sites to the blacklist and kids won’t find the way to get to it.
  • Internetblocker. Fear crackdown, right, but works as good as it gets. The best way to get all kid’s attention.
  • SafeWi-Fi connection. Child’s device will work with schools’ Wi-Fi network without delays, but when a kid leaves school, Netsanity will continue to protect him by automatically launching VPN.
  • Hide apps. Your minor iPhone user won’t find age-inappropriate apps neither on the device nor iTunes with this feature as all of them will be hidden from view.
  • Screenlocker. With the help of the dashboard, you will be able to lock the screen of kid’s device to make sure that no game or message distracts him from his homework.


Monthly fee of Netsanity is $6.95 per device, and you can add up to 25 devices to your dashboard. Annual price starts from $59.95 per device and helps to save 40% off.


The app works on the Apple iOS 7.x – iOS 9.x and doesn’t require device jailbreaking.


“Netsanity is a true deliverance for me; Screenlocker hits the bull’s eye! After a couple of days without their gadgets, kids gladly accepted new house rules with limited screen time. User-friendly dashboard, even our granny can manage it easily.”

Hannah S. (San Francisco, California)

“Quite the app I was searching for. Informative dashboard, great features, no jailbreaking. I don’t feel like a jailer, on the contrary, kids understand my actions and take it for granted. Thanks for the netsanity reviews.”

Jack J. (Chicago, Illinois)

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