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iOS and Android Parental App Reviews

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We are a team of talented and techy writers, unindifferent and careful parents, elder brothers and sisters, who have dedicated their lives to kids’ safety and security. In search for reliable child protection software, we review most in demand applications among available ones to provide our followers with reasonable, impartial and cogent opinion on monitoring software operation.
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Why to use monitoring software:

When deciding to track or not to track your kids, note that parental control apps can really help protect your loved ones. However, it is at the same time important to find an appropriate app for that. Here are some major monitoring software functions to consider:

Monitor incoming and outbound calls Monitor web browsers
and bookmarks
View contacts and communication lists
View sent and received
text messages
Control applications downloaded Monitor social media
activity (Facebook)
Keep track of location
and route history
View video and
audio files
View scheduled plans
via the calendar
Follow inbox and
outgoing emails
Follow pics and photos
shot or downloaded
Follow IM chats:
Skype, Viber, WhatsApp


Why we make parental control software reviews

Nowadays, children tend to spend more and more time online or simply with smartphones in hands. With growing Internet engagement, a risk of danger coming from the web increases exponentially. That's why more and more parents start using kid tracking applications. However, not all of them, not to say a few, are reliable and proved to be real help in parenting. Thus, it is important to provide reasonable cell phone monitoring software reviews, so as to let parents make the right choice, not to waste time and money.

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TimeWize Parental Control App Review

TimeWize is a parental monitoring application for Android mobile phones and tablets. It allows parents to remotely control their children’s usage of their device like surfing the Internet and using social media. With TimeWize, those apps and functions considered inappropriate can be locked out. The child won’t have access to them without a prior parental permission. In this case, the parent’s device serves as a remote control for the kid’s device. The app encourages the responsible use of the devices as well as protects children from online frauds, Internet psychos, and cyberbullies. The monitoring tracker consists of 2 separate mobile apps, TimeWize Parent App and TimeWize Child App. The TimeWize Parent App is available for downloading from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The TimeWize Child App can be downloaded only from the Google Play Store. Installation Installing TimeWize Control App is not the simplest task and requires several steps. To install TimeWize, you first need to download and install the TimeWize Parent App on your device and set it up. It is necessary to create a profile, enter...