Parent Kit Cell Phone Monitoring App Review

Parent Kit Cell Phone Monitoring App Review



Parent Kit is a parental control application for iOS devices. With its help parents can control and set restrictions on their kids’ cell phone usage, block access to applications and media files remotely.

Let’s have a look at Parent Kit and review its features, prices and compatibility options.


Block Apps and Components The app allows you to block applications, browsers, TV shows, multimedia files and other device components on your kid’s smartphone or tablet.
Define Time Frames With Parent Kit you can specify time, when a particular app or other device components are allowed to be used by your children.



Parent Kit comes free of charge within the very first month of usage. Right after the trial month expires, a subscription for 6 months will cost you $24.99. At the same time a year plan comes with the price of $39.99.


The application is compatible with Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It is legal, visible and available on App Store. Note that your kid can delete the application from his or her device easily.

Customer Support:

To contact Parent Kit support team, one should use the following email:


“It is not bad. However, if you consider that the app can be deleted by children without your permission, that there are not so many functions as possible, and that price is not low at all, you will realize that there are many far better similar apps.”

Oscar T. (San Diego, CA) 

“I like Parent Kit. It is very easy to use, which is real help for not-techy parents. At the same time the app allows me to limit Safari, other applications and videos. I don’t need anything else to control my daughter. Thanks!”

Joanna K. (Fort Collins, CO) 

“There are too few features to pay such money for such an application. There is a huge number of similar software with wider tracking abilities. It’s not written in any Parentkit review, though. It’s really easy to use Parent Kit, but as a result it turns out to be useless.”

Mat L. (Augusta, GA)


  1. Really user-friendly application – there are so lesser features so it is really hard to get bamboozled. I use it as a timer for a phone usage – my children know that I allow them to play for an hour per day and after that their devices will be locked so they try to use this time without waste. Though I don’t understand why is it so expensive with such poor functionality?

  2. Scarce functionality for unreasonably high price. Yes, usage of the app is easy as ABC, but it is possible to find even free applications with more advanced functionality! I used it for a month and didn’t buy the subscription because I don’t want to waste my money.

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