PhoneSheriff Monitoring App Review

PhoneSheriff Monitoring App Review


Android/ iOS/ Blackberry

PhoneSheriff is a parental control application for mobile devices. With its assistance, you will be able to monitor your kids’ cell phone usage and online activity. The software will allow you to protect your children from excessive smartphone use as well as online predators and cyberbullies. It is also designed to control employees at work.

Let’s take a closer look at the app and try to find out its advantages by considering features, prices and compatibility with different device models.


Phonesheriff app introduces the following tracking options

Call History Monitor incoming and outgoing call along with a phone number, date and time.
Monitoring SMS View sent and received SMS as well as messages data.
Panic Alert Set a quick S.O.S. button that will notify you of current location of the device.
Real Time Tracking Find out latest GPS locations, lock or unlock the device, wipe memory remotely in real time mode.
Messenger Logs Follow WhatsApp, iMessages and Blackberry Messenger.
Settings Customize all setting and restrictions according to your personal requirements.
Track GPS Location Watch the current GPS location remotely.
View Photos View and download all photo files kept on the target phone.
Website Visited Monitor browsing history (websites and pages visited from the target device).
Backup and Restore The app backups all the data and restore to factory settings, if the target device is lost or stolen.
Instant Alerts and  Notifications Receives notifications on forbidden words usage, SIM-card changes and other disallowed activities.
View Contacts and Calendar Activities Monitor contact list and plans scheduled in the calendar.
Application Limit inappropriate or timewasting applications use.
Mobile Usage Find out how the target device is generally used.
Get Logs Emailed Specify any types of the target device activities, which require your notification via email or SMS.
Free Archive App Download and archive tracked data on your personal computer.
Phone Time Restriction Prevent a holder of the target device from using it at restricted time. Block some particular activities or the entire mobile phone.
Multiple Device Management Monitor and manipulate several devices from one control panel with one user name and password.



The price for PhoneSheriff services depends on the target user you are going to keep track of. Thus, if you want to monitor you children, you can use parental controls for either $49 per 6 months or $89 per year.

At the same time, employee monitoring and control option will cost you $299 per year.


PhoneSheriff is compatible with all major devices (smartphones and tablets) run by Apple iOS, Android (2.1+) and Blackberry OS.

Note that iPhones, iPads and iPods must be jailbroken before the installation. Rooting for Android phones is optional, however it is required to use some features like Email tracking and WhatsApp monitoring.


Customer Support

All questions on PhoneSheriff operation and other support-related issues should be sent through a new opened ticket. The support team answers all tickets within 24 hours via email.


 “I do enjoy PhoneSheriff, though some of its functions are still confusing to me. The app helps me take care of my children, as I work most of my daytime. With PhoneSheriff I know where my girls are, what they do and how much time they usually use their smartphones.”

Samantha D. (San-Francisco, CA) 

“This app helps me control my employees, especially when I’m out of office. I can see if they use their cell phones in an appropriate way and not spend too much time for their personal affairs. I can control business information flow and prevent leak of data.”

Denis K. (Missoual, MT) 

“PhoneSheriff is not the best solution for mobile monitoring, despite all the flattering phonesheriff reviews. I tested about ten similar apps and this one was among those I wouldn’t vote for. There are too many features to be improved and too many questions appear, when working with it.”

Jessica O. (Minneapolis, MN)


  1. As a parent, I appreciate the possibility to monitor online activities of my children, as my girls are teenagers and I’m afraid of online predators. As an employer, I take an advantage of an opportunity to make sure that my workers don’t use their work phones as toys or personal devices. However, the price here is rather high, I saw several cheaper apps with the same functionality.

  2. The app seems unfinished to me. There are too many features and some of them are working strangely – not in a way they should work. Yet the price is high and because of that I preferred to use other parental control app. Though it is great that this application is appropriate for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

  3. The software is widely compatible, supports multiple devices on a single subscription and has quick customer service. Whether you simply want to keep a log of the target device’s communication and location history or want to know every last detail of how your child uses it, PhoneSheriff is flexible enough to work with your needs.

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