Pumpic vs mSpy: Monitoring or Spying?

Pumpic vs mSpy: Monitoring or Spying?

Digital and Internet activities have penetrated in every nook and cranny of our lives.

Not only do grownups enjoy and benefit from doing business online, but also children who find the Internet and modern technologies helpful and entertaining – especially when it comes to smartphones.

However, while adults are aware of possible Internet threats and can act accordingly, kids tend to indulge in everything new or tempting, thus neglecting digital safety and online etiquette. Luckily, there are some great monitoring and tracking solutions on the market that can help to prevent Internet threats and keep our minors safe.

Among the top mobile tracking apps, you may find Pumpic and mSpy. They share multiple similar features, as well as their unique offers, but the philosophy of these two apps is radically different.

What is mSpy

There are plenty of mSpy reviews on the Internet, but it is essential for parents to know its core specifications and main features. mSpy can track both iOS and Android devices; this can be done either with jailbreak/root (more monitoring features) or without them (fewer options). All of the collected data can be reached via a special dashboard available from any Internet-enabled device.

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When we talk about a jailbreak-free solution for Apple handsets and tablets, mSpy can grab device logs directly from iCloud, which is convenient since there is no need to install the app on the device.

When you know Apple credentials and iCloud is enabled on the target device, the following activities can be spied on: text messages and iMessages, call logs, website history, calendar, notes, and the list of installed apps. For non-rooted Android devices, apart from the above-mentioned basic features, mSpy adds location tracking, media, and email monitoring.

However, in order to use advanced spying features, it is important to have the operating system “tweaked.” Once the device is jailbroken/rooted, the app allows for instant messengers’ monitoring and restricting user’s activity on the device. Also, a keylogger feature, monitoring of photos and videos or a GPS location tracking become active for jailbroken iPhones and iPads. In terms of the number and kind of features covered, mSpy offers basic and premium deals. Most of the popular and demanded features would require both a system tweak and a premium subscription.

Pumpic review

Another top-notch app that helps parents to keep their children safe while using a smartphone or tablet is Pumpic. The software also works with both most popular operating systems devices run on – iOS and Android.

By means of Pumpic, mobile device data is collected and becomes available for parents to be in the know of the most recent activities their young ones are involved in.

For people whose children own an iPhone or iPad, this app offers an extensive range of iCloud-based monitoring features without jailbreaking the system. Besides SMS/iMessage, call logs, texting, and browser history tracking, one can also keep an eye on Skype, WhatsApp, and Kik correspondence the kid holds. Moreover, using only iCloud connection, Pumpic allows for location history, photos, and contacts monitoring.

Pumpic imageFor Android-operated devices, on can opt whether to root it or not; the difference in approaches affects the number of features offered.

The subscription plan also defines monitoring capabilities of Pumpic. Since Android is easier to penetrate as an open system, the app can deliver some progressive tracking even if the device is not rooted.

A parent can get some control over the kid’s phone here too and block undesired contacts from calling or texting the kid, stop inappropriate websites from being reached, and track the real whereabouts of the device’s user.

In addition, there are SMS commands available that parents can use to control certain activities on Android devices and make sure the kid is not misusing the phone.

Regardless the solution you choose, all the collected information if available via the web-based Control Panel, accessible through any Internet-connected device.

They also have an on-the-go option – the Control Panel App that displays only the most essential monitoring data.

Similar Opposites

In the modern society where digital world accounts for a considerable share of our lives, it is essential to keep tabs on how we manage our device or Internet activity. Especially this is true when it comes to our children, who are more vulnerable and often under-experienced in online safety and reasonable device usage.

Luckily, we do have an opportunity to enjoy the tracking apps such as Pumpic and mSpy. With Pumpic offering a bit more features, these two solutions are relatively alike in terms of monitoring options. At the same time, both apps have their own outstanding peculiarities. When scouring through mSpy app reviews, one can see that the name of the app speaks for itself. In turn, Pumpic looks more feature-dynamic and economically advantageous.

While both Pumpic and mSpy initially connect to the iOS device via iCloud remotely and thus become invisible, the story about Android monitoring is different. Pumpic is always visible on Androids, compelling adults to ask and inform their younger ones about the use of a tracking app. Thus, there is no gap that could undermine children’s attitude towards their parents. Being a legal app, Pumpic serves as an ethical way to track kids’ activity on a device.

mSpy, however, offers a way of totally stealth monitoring. After installation on the phone, it can be easily hidden without the approval of the target person. Such circumvention in order to not inform a monitored child is fraught with many negative issues, like loss of trust, aggravation of behavior and even secret use of other devices, accounts, etc. Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised that the significant part of mSpy users turns out to be adults stealthily checking on one another’s devices in fear of cheating.

The bottom line

If you are thinking about Pumpic vs mSpy, it is worth considering desired features and the intentions of use. Both apps provide multiple device tracking features, but the origins and real possibilities are different. Pumpic may seem to be an entertaining app that helps to keep children safe while mSpy can be easily used without authorization for spying on private life.


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