TeenSafe Cell Phone Monitoring Software Review

TeenSafe Cell Phone Monitoring Software Review


TeenSafe is online software that allows parents to take care of teens remotely by monitoring their smartphones and online activity. The application lets you view SMS and phone calls, track location, follow browsing history and social media like: WhatsApp, Kik, Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s make a deeper review of the software, and try to see its advantages and week points. We will consider features, prices and devices that Teen Safe software is compatible with.


TeenSafe provides the following parental control features:

View Calls The app allows you to monitor logs of inbound and outgoing calls, including contact names, numbers, dates and duration.
View Texts TeenSafe will let you view sent and received SMS and iMessages, including deleted ones.
See Phone Location By using the monitoring software, parents will be able to track current cell phone location as well as the entire history.
Monitor Social Activity The software enables parents to monitor social network usage. With TeenSafe, you will be able to follow Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Kik.
See Web History The app lets you view search and browsing history on the web.
View Contacts TeenSafe allows its users to view the contact list of the target device.



To introduce the software to parents, TeenSafe provides 7-day free trial to test the service. A month subscription will cost you $14.95.

TeenSafe services are obligation-free. Thus, a user can cancel a subscription at any time.


TeenSafe is compatible with Android and iOS phones (including iPads and the iPod Touch). It does not require the target phone to be rooted or jailbroken.

The application is not detectable in any way on iPhones, and almost undetectable on Android devices, though a discrete app is installed in the background.

Customer Support

TeenSafe support line (800-245-85-98) is available on Monday–Friday from 6am to 7pm Pacific Time. You can also email customer support by using the form on the website.


“It is a great app. After reading tons of reviews on teen safe, I made the right choice. I use it to keep an eye on my kids, when I’m on vocation or away for holidays. I can get free from my worries and be sure that they are Ok. I prevent them from talking and chatting with bad people by phone and from visiting 18+ sites online.”

Kate C. (Chico, California) 

“I’m quite satisfied with Teensafe. It allows me monitor my children’s cell phones, and so I’m sure they use them for good. I can block restricted websites, and always know who calls them, who sends them messages and with whom they make friendship on Facebook, which is real help for parents like me.”

Jack W. (Tampa, Florida) 

“I started using parental controls, when my son and I moved to another state. I was worried that it would be hard for him to get used to new place, but Teensafe showed me that my son is doing fine and has some new friends already. For now I look through reports from time to time to make sure, he is Ok. Teen Safe customer service is nice, as well.”

April S. (Selma, Alabama)


  1. Quite useful and effective application with all main features of parental control app. I usually use it in order to look through the contacts list of my son. As for me, it is crucial to know who are in the social network of your child, and Teensafe proposes all necessary information about it.

  2. This application will have a solid B from me. This app is not the best one for me because it doesn’t have anti-theft features like remote wiping of the SD card or locking of the stolen device. Still it fulfils functions efficiently, so I would recommend it to others.

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