TeenShield Mobile Parental Control App Review

TeenShield Mobile Parental Control App Review


Android up to v.6/iOS up to v.9.2

TeenShield is one of parents’ helpers in the sphere of distant monitoring and control of kids’ online activities, and what is more important this tool is not a spyware that acts in stealth mode and can harm trust-based relations between parents and children. Before you install the app onto kid’s device, explain why you are doing it – the necessity of securing kid from online dangers is one of essential duties of a parent.

This review will discuss all features and possibilities of TeenShield, its compatibility and the rate.


Here is a list of remote monitoring and managing features that TeenShield proposes:

  • Text messages. All incoming and outgoing SMS will be shown in the online Control Panel of the app.
  • Call information. You will get a report of the duration of calls, contacts and phone numbers.
  • GPS locating. Map in the Control Panel will show you the exact place where your child is at the moment.
  • Multimedia files. Check all pictures that are captured with help of the camera of kid’s device.
  • Apps List. Look through the list of installed applications on the target device.
  • WhatsApp chat. You are able to look through messages of this IM chat.
  • Contacts – Check the address book of the smartphone to get acquainted with the social circle of your child.
  • Filtering – This feature is available on Android devices only, and with its help it is possible to block access to inappropriate apps and websites.
  • The app can work on several devices


Monthly fee of this app is $13.95, though you can add devices and services at additional price. You can count on discounts if you are going to use the app on long-term basis.


The app works on Android up to v.6 and iOS up to v.9.2, so you can use it on iPhones, iPads, iPods Touch, and Android smartphones. One of the main advantages of the application is that there is no need to jailbreak the device and kids can see its activities.


“Not the cheapest, but quite effective app, however, I missed a possibility to look through the social media accounts and emails. Convenient Control Panel, so it is easy to use it.”

Sandra M. (Boston, Massachusetts)

“I was bought off with user-friendly Control Panel that makes a real difference to Dashboards of many other apps of this kind. Nice and informative, I’m totally satisfied with it. Their site tells more – teenshield.com”

Peter S. (San Francisco, California)

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