TimeWize Parental Control App Review

TimeWize Parental Control App Review


TimeWize is a parental monitoring application for Android mobile phones and tablets. It allows parents to remotely control their children’s usage of their device like surfing the Internet and using social media. With TimeWize, those apps and functions considered inappropriate can be locked out. The child won’t have access to them without a prior parental permission. In this case, the parent’s device serves as a remote control for the kid’s device. The app encourages the responsible use of the devices as well as protects children from online frauds, Internet psychos, and cyberbullies.

The monitoring tracker consists of 2 separate mobile apps, TimeWize Parent App and TimeWize Child App. The TimeWize Parent App is available for downloading from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The TimeWize Child App can be downloaded only from the Google Play Store.


Installing TimeWize Control App is not the simplest task and requires several steps. To install TimeWize, you first need to download and install the TimeWize Parent App on your device and set it up. It is necessary to create a profile, enter an email address and come up with a 6-character password. Then download and install the TimeWize Child App on your kid’s device. After that, you can sync both devices by entering the same email address and password. If a parent doesn’t have child’s phone at hand at the moment, he can tap “Skip This Step” in the setup and add it later by tapping “Add Devices” in the app home screen menu. Tapping “Settings” menu opens the list of extra features (you can find them in a table below).

Let’s take a closer look at TimeWize app and discover some more information about its key features, price policy and a direct point of contact.


TimeWize offers the following set of options for its users:


Where’s My Child A parent can perform a search and find out the location of their kid by using a device. Once the location is determined, the parent will be able to pinpoint it on in the mobile phone’s default navigation software with no need to enter any address.
Secondary Parent This option allows for adding a secondary parent at a zero cost in a case when the family is divorced, or one of the parents is out of town. The secondary parent is supposed to be added by a primary parent via Settings menu.
GPS Location Tracking Tracking of the child’s current location remotely.
Last Known Location Even if the child’s device is turned off or dead, their last known location will be still available.
Messaging System This is a built-in basic messaging function to stand for improper messaging apps. A primary parent, as well as secondary one, can keep in touch with their children on first demand. The child cannot message anyone else, including other kids.
Manual Control If needed, a parent can lock the child’s device entirely and disallow their requests for any apps and functions.
Application Of their own free choice, the parent can limit time-wasting or harmful applications use.
Schedule and Permissions This is a screen time management functionality. With it, a parent can set schedule when the device is locked/unlocked and which apps are allowed to be used on specific days.
App Requests If the kid wants to use a particular app, they need to request their parents to do so. When parents approve the request, they have the option to allow only one requested app or all apps for their convenience.
Setting a specific locking time The parent can set a specific time to lock the child’s devices. For example, during the mealtime, school time or bedtime.
Don’t Ask Again This function blocks all the requests for the usage of a particular app.
Permissions List This is a list compiled by the parent and comprising all unlocked apps. They can be accessible to the children at any time.
Banned Apps List This is a list consisting of banned apps. The kid cannot request to use any app from the list.
PIN This is a safety precaution required if the parent has lost their phone and needs access to the child’s device.
Settings The settings can be customized according to the parents’ needs and requirements or completely locked.



TimeWize app offers an initial free period of one week, giving access to all functions on each kid’s device being added. Once it expires, child license costs £1.50 each.

Point of Contact

In the case of some difficulties or malfunctions, the user can send an e-mail at support@timewizeparentalcontrol.com for technical inquiries or info@timewizeparentalcontrol.com for general requests. On the website, there are also The Wizeys that are ready to assist with different questions.

Customer Support

All the issues regarding TimeWize can be sent to the email addresses mentioned above at any time. The customer support team will provide their solutions within the 24 hours after receiving the inquiry ticket.

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