UKnowKids Cell Phone Monitoring App Review

UKnowKids Cell Phone Monitoring App Review



UKnowKids is a digital parenting tool, which enables its users to stay in touch with children’s social and cell phone activity without spying. The main purpose of the app is to protect your kids, secure their Internet usage and real-life time spending.

Let’s find out how UKnowKids can help keep your children safe. In this review, we will look at features, prices and compatibility options to see if the software is worth using it.


UKnowKids provides the following functions for remote tracking:

Social Media The app allows parents to scan social networks for hidden profiles; follow Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activity.
Calls History UKnowKids lets you view incoming and outgoing call logs.
Test Messages With the help of this monitoring software, you will be able to track sent and received SMS.
Contacts The software enables you to view contacts and communication lists.
Pictures With UKnowKids, you can monitor all pictures stored on your kid’s device.
Location History Keep track of current GPS location and recent history of movements.
Installed Apps Monitor application installed on your children’s devices.



UKnowKids sets prices billed yearly and monthly. Depending on the time period that you are going to use the tool, the price per month can be higher or lower. Other words, buying subscription for a year, you save about 50%.

The subscriptions billed monthly are divided by the following price categories:

  • Premier – $9.95/month;
  • Premier Family – $12.95/month;
  • Premier Plus package can be pre-ordered only and is available as a lifetime subscription.

The subscription billed yearly falls into the following price categories:

  • Premier – $5.75/month ($69.00/year);
  • Premier Family – $6.50/month ($78.00/year);
  • Premier Plus – $8.25/month ($99.00/year).

To test the software, you can use 7-day free trial available on UKnowKids website.


UKnowKids can be set up on Android and iOS devices (iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch). The app does not requires the target mobile phone to be rooted (Android devices) or jailbroken (iPhones). UKnowKids is visible for children and available on both Google Play and App Store.

Customer Support

To get the assistance on UKnowKids, you can turn to Help & Support Center on the official website.


“I used the app for a while but changed it for a better one. I didn’t like neither the software itself not the support provided, despite all the positive uknowkids reviews I’d read. Their website looks more like a puzzle as well. There are a lot of apps, which are much better than this one.”

Sarah B. (Douglas, Georgia) 

“Good app for a good price. I use it for a while and like how it helps me with my kids. I can go anywhere and leave them on their own at home. I’m not afraid to let them visit their friends and stay for a night. It is a great help for parents, especially for single moms and dads.”

Monica B. (Lexington, Kentucky) 

“The tool is not bad, however, I’ve already tried some better ones. I think Uknowkids has a lot to improve in functionality and design.”

Dory K. (Boston, Massachusetts)


  1. The app is said to find the locked Facebook and Twitter profiles – and I have not the slightest idea where to search for this feature. It is hard to find something in the app, however, when you find it, all the rest becomes very easy. Glad to see GPS locating here as many apps don’t have it.

  2. The most usual things for me are social media monitoring and review of multimedia files stored on the target device. Now I can check the photos of my daughter in the Instagram and delete it in cade if necessary.

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